Geography game - learn countries capitals, flags, locations on map and seas.

The best GEOGRAPHY quiz for Android!

  • 36 levels,
  • online multiplayer game mode,
  • capital cities of the world,
  • flags of the countries of the world,
  • countries location maps,
  • sea in the world,
  • learning mode without time pressure,
  • beautiful graphics,
  • ranking of the best players,
  • achievements to get.

Your single player score is sum points from all levels. You can compete with others and compare your score through online ranking.

In multiplayer mode you compete online with your friends or random opponents. Your ranking is updated after each duel.

This geographical test includes the capitals of Europe, Asia, America and Africa - all countries capitals of the world.

This app, a kind of geography trivia, contains the flags of all countries of the world.

This app allows you to check your knowledge of the political maps of the world - you can just learn all the world countries locations maps!

Also if you always wanted to learn all seas of the world, then this app will help you with this.